Controversial “Black Hat” Covert Hypnosis Techniques Finally See the Light of Day

Have you ever wanted to be able to hypnotize people without them knowing?  Why?  What are your motives?  Don’t tell me because I don’t really want to know what you would do with someone who is completely under your hypnotic influence.  It is possible of course, but the secrets of how to do it have been closely guarded for a long time.  A really long time!

If you are searching for information on mind control and “black ops” hypnosis, keep reading. “Black ops” are the operations that the CIA and the NSA carry out covertly, with zero or borderline legality.  Senior officials are not notified when “dark ops” are carried out, otherwise they are susceptible to legal action. They aren’t officially informed, so they remain “in the dark” – hence the term “black ops”.  I don’t know if the CIA and NSA use these covert hypnosis techniques or not as part of their dark ops, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

If this sort of thing captures your attention, and you start to get really excited about mastering someone without their knowledge, then you are in luck.  In the last few years, many of these “black ops” hypnosis techniques that were the sole domain of a select few “upper echelon” hypnotists – these guys who have tested, refined, and perfected them.  Even though it is their “intellectual property” they can’t patent it or trademark it for obvious reasons.

These techniques were leaked to the Internet in the late 90’s.  Fortunately for the “black hat” hypnosis masters, most of the information was only understandable by people who were already master hypnotists.  It would be like Einstein putting E=MC2 in front of you.  You wouldn’t know what to do with it, no matter how profound of a truth it is. But now someone has created a course that teaches these covert hypnosis techniques to novices, people with no prior hypnosis experience.

It’s called the Underground Hypnosis Audio Course, and the guy who developed it is teaching “non-professionals” how to master these covert hypnosis techniques.  I am not even sure the product is completely legal, but If it’s not legal, it’s his butt in a sling – not mine!  I am just the messenger.

Apparently, he got the information after years of trying he finally tapped into the “inner circle” of the master hypnotists who had been developing the techniques by “experimenting” on people right in broad daylight.  Of course, the three main people who mastered covert “black hat” hypnosis techniques are true masters of their craft, but just like professional hackers, they have to stay “underground”. In some countries, covert hypnosis is banned, and in some countries, it can even get you sentenced to death.

I am not passing judgment on covert hypnosis. I am just sharing where to get this information.  What you do with it after that is between you and God (if you believe in God).  You’re the one who has to look yourself in the mirror in the morning, because these covert hypnosis techniques allow you to get people to do things they would not otherwise do under normal circumstances.

The mildest “trick” is to get someone to seat you at a busy restaurant while there is a long line waiting.  The most advanced is hypnotizing a woman to sleep with you who would not ordinarily do so.

Their techniques have strange names, such as the “Black Mirror”, the “Iron Man Pattern” and the “No Cleaver” technique.  I don’t know what the techniques are, but these guys are so good they claim to be able to hypnotize someone by email!

If you are the type who is afraid of controversy then this is not for you.  Some people just wouldn’t know how to handle this type of power. Like I said, the ethics of all this is unknown, and I will leave that to you to figure out.  But if you are into this sort of thing – if this has crossed your mind in the past, or now, then here’s your chance.

The Underground Hypnosis Audio Course can be found, for now, HERE but don’t tell them or anyone I sent you. I am choosing to remain in the dark, you’re on your own, from here on out.

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